Herb garden at St. Andrews country club

Pride really is the key to everything. Take pride in what you do and you can accomplish anything!! Since working at St. Andrews I’ve learnt a lot and one this one learnt is how much dedication it takes for one little event to make it look beautiful and fantastic.

Real life reality life of a BSG intern 8 – months down 4 more to go!!!

Benefits of completing an international placement –

Well not only will it look great on your CV / reservation, it will also make you stand out from anyone else when you’re apply for your dream job, of course that takes time. You get to meet so many different people, Americans, South Africans, Jamaicans, Philippine’s, Asians, Haiti. I’ve even served members from the UK who are living at St. Andrews country club and the expression on their faces when they hear me talk and then realises I’m from the Uk is amazing!! Also with the great experience / training you will have at the end of the international placement, things will become so clear for your future, you will see things differently, do things differently, and most definitely be a different person from whom you were at the start – all for the better reasons. One of the biggest benefit for me was growing up. Sounds silly but as I said in my previous blogs before I came here I knew nothing about providing for myself, I never worked a washing machine before, never really cooked for myself apart from microwave ready meals haha! Sounds like a life of luxury but of course I had to learn how to do all that stuff now! I’ve never been grocery shopping so that was a challenge, I didn’t know what to get or what foods go together for dinner, I was so lost! But now that I’ve been here for 8 months I feel like a whole new person! And for the better!

Why would I recommend completing an international placement

Let me start by saying why wouldn’t you? The weather is gorgeous nearly everyday, its America, there’s never not anything to do, DisneyWorld is just a bus journey from Florida to Orlando, Post Malone likes to visit Miami American Airlines arena, I hear Ariana Grande is popping over to. Lord sugar likes to come for lunch sometimes. Do I need to continue?

You’ll never be able to experience this back at home, and I’m not just talking about the celebrities. We don’t have country clubs back in the UK, well non like the ones here! The standards are so high and you will learn the best from the best. And when people hear you’ve lived in America for 6 months or even a year like I have, already people will know how independent and professional you are and when they hear about the work you’ve been doing, your gaining gold stars. But you have to give it ago, don’t quit after the first few weeks.

Push yourself, get out of your comfort zone because if you don’t now then when will you? Home will still be there, but this opportunity won’t. Grab it with both hands!

First Thanksgiving & Christmas in Florida… 7 months down 5 more to goooooo

Back home in England we don’t celebrate Thanks giving. I don’t know why as I think it’s a beautiful day. It was something different to experience and me and the girls decided to celebrate thanks giving even though it’s not our culture.

This photo warms my heart ❤️

We celebrated thanksgiving a day early because we had a double shift on thanksgiving day.

At work I’ve never seen anything like it. Turkeys everywhere. Lots of decoration and lots of FOOD.

When the members arrived with their families they were very impressed! And it was a lovely to watch them and take care of them as the children opened up their presents.

It was a really long day but with my amazing friends we pulled through it together

We even met the famous Lord Sugar

With Christmas just around the corner we decided to do a secret Santa as we won’t be spending it with our families and won’t be getting much.

We even tried to do a Christmas dinner. Each apartment cooked parts of the Christmas dinner and we all came together to plate it all up.

Not to bad for a bunch of interns haha!

Over all spending Christmas Eve with my new FL family was something new and very heartwarming.


It felt strange having Christmas in the sun with no actual seasons like spring / winter / fall extra. It felt like we were stuck in time and nothing was going forward 😂 But it was something new and exciting…

Christmas Eve for us felt like Christmas because we were opening presents and having Christmas dinner. Christmas Day felt like Boxing Day. Oh and here in America they don’t celebrate Boxing Day! Just like we don’t celebrate thanksgiving. Strange but cool in a way.

Christmas Day at St.Andrews was a joy to work. Again the decorations made it feel a lot like Christmas.

So my American Christmas experience away from home was easier than I thought. Because we were all together we didn’t have time to be sad on our own.


St Andrews standards

You get many country clubs around America and you get many members that have been to different clubs but here at St. Andrews is one of the best clubs around Florida.

Not just my personal opinion many people / members and families love coming here because we provide the best of the best. We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentleman.

We listen to the members. We know how they like things done. If you think about it they are our bosses. Excellent service comes with training, nothing comes naturally, but you will have a natural way of greeting the members. When you serve the same member a lot you have your own personality with them. They trust you, they know you, they know what to expect, and it will become easier and easier the more you know the members.

We set our standards high and we give our best each and everyday. You’ve got to be in it to win it, as they say. To be in this type of business your going to be tired, your going to get stressed, but don’t forget why your here. Don’t forget your here for a purpose. And never forget that your doing a brilliant job.

St. Andrews Christmas party ✨🌲

We’ve been working so hard these past couple of months and it was so nice to feel like a member for 1 night

We had our Christmas party at the country club and it felt like we were actually members.

It was a little strange because the members were actually serving us food of the buffet 😂 but it was a lovely evening and some of the members joined us.

Everyone looked amazing and the managers and some volunteers did an amazing job with the decorations.

Afterwards we all went to Dubliner for karaoke and cocktails ✨

First Christmas away from home …

Now it’s December and Christmas is just round the corner I’m going to speak to you about my experience feelings and thoughts about having my first Christmas away from my family.

Also you wouldn’t believe this is the weather here in December 😍

To get myself in the Christmas spirit I’ve decorated my room nice and cozy to make it feel like the outside is cold. (If that makes sense 😂)

As this is my first Christmas away from home I don’t feel upset about it due to the fact I have my 2nd family here.

We’re doing a secret Santa which is absolutely amazing and will be nice to all get together on Christmas Eve to exchange gifts.

Even though I’m working a full day on Christmas I get to have Christmas Eve off work to FaceTime my family and open up my gifts they have sent me ❤️

Even though I’m far away it feels like there right here with me.