Thanksgiving at St. Andrews

So I’ve literally just finished a double shift working thanks giving and OMG I’ve never been so tired 😭 but it’s all worth it making the members happy!

It’s crazy how it takes 2-3 days to set up a room for an event and it takes around 1-2 hours to break it down.

Even though it was a long and tiring shift being with my new family pulled us all through it. Working through the pain was a challenge but when you come home you feel so good about yourself.

Oh and the one and only LORD SUGAR was here for thanks giving!! If you don’t know who he is then please watch one of his shows “The Apprentice” he’s best know for his famous line “You’re fired!”

Lets have a chat … Tips & Tricks

I’ve been here for nearly 6 months now and with my experience living here I’ve got a few tips to trade with you.

Food shop; The first few weeks living in America I used to spend around $50-$60 a week on food!! And hardly anything got eaten because the products either expired out of date or just completely forgotten about because I work a lot. Most of the time I can take food home from work like bread, bagels, fruit, vegetables; that are all going to either be thrown away or waisted. Now the only things I buy on a food shop is dry goods like pasta and rice that I can cook with some sauce beacuse most of the time I’m working and I’m provided with food. Oh and I’ve noticed healthy foods are really expensive here like fruit and vegetables so take whatever you can from work; with permission of course.

Adapting to new surroundings; it probably took me a while to figure out where my closest supermarket is or mall but don’t be shy to explore your new town. Boca Mall is out of this world. Well for me it is. On my first day out I noticed that cars can turn right on a RED light. That freaked me out a little. And I think thats wrong for so many reasons but I guess it’s okay if its allowed. You also don’t see many people walking here in florida. The roads here are very long and to walk to my closest shop takes me 30-40 minutes. And when crossing the road is like a marathon, theres around 4-5 lanes on each side of the road and it feels like forever to cross!

What I get up to outside of work – 5 months down 7 more to go 😬

I have no idea where the days have gone. These past 5 months have gone by so quick 😬

Even though work is great — outside of work is even better!! There’s so much to do and to see.

I’ve seen Post Malone live 😭

Experienced Disney World!!! ✨ ~ which will be in my heart forever ❤️

Watched a Miami heat basketball game…

Met some alligators 🐊

Attempted to light a lantern

And also gained amazing friendships

I’ve only been here 5 months and I work 5-6 days a week and my bucket list is already half way ticked of! This journey and experience gives you so much to do. You wouldn’t believe that the majority of the activities and events I’ve been to have been last minute 😂

If you want to see a concert my tip for you would be to look online at the American airline arena and plan your day – it would save you a lot of time as when I went to see Post Malone o didn’t even know he was performing until 3 days before hand.

I would definitely recommend getting a Disney World annual pass as we are basically Florida residents and we can enjoy magic hours 😍 it’s not that expensive either – I paid $180 upfront and then only $18 a month.

I also would recommend saving at least $100 after every pay check. That’s what I do and because I save I’m able to do things last minute incase something amazing comes up and I want to attend.

My next adventure is to swim with the dolphins hopefully 😍

NBA Basketball: MIAMI HEAT vs Atlanta Hawks 🏀

As part of being a BSG intern did I forget to mention the amazing cultural trips? WELL … I’m not a basketball fan but this trip was so much fun and guess what … MIAMI WON !!!!!

The day started by getting picked up on a large coach with all the other interns from other country clubs like Mizners, Ballenisles ext, and this was a perfect opportunity to get to know other BSG interns. We arrived arrived in Miami around 6:30pm and that gave us chance to have pictures, buy Heat tops, or in my case find the bar haha. The game started at 7:30 and a guest singer then sings the national anthem. Such a powerful voice and an amazing song for America 🇺🇸

The game was on for a few hours and after we all went to a bar that was over the road because traffic would of been a nightmare, so instead of getting into traffic we all went to this bar and that gave us more chance to get to know everyone and especially Rasheeda who’s put all this together for us and made our dreams come true ❤️

Can’t wait for the next trip ❤️

A typical week at St. Andrews- 4 months down 8 more to go!

My mornings would start of with coffee. A LOT of coffee… these past few weeks we’ve had quite a lot of events and function rooms to set up such as a charity balls and baby showers. It can be tiring and It can take up to about 2-3 days to make sure the room is set up and looking perfect and then it takes literally 1 hour to break down. Crazy!! I love setting up events because that’s where my skills fit in perfectly. But the most draining part is chair covers! If you know what I mean by that then you feel the pain, but if you don’t it’s basically where you put a covers on chairs lol. It’s simple but it takes some energy.

As season is basically here I’m seeing a lot of new faces, members are coming home and we’re employing a lot more people for season. Before we was such a little group of j1’s and how we have quite a lot of staff from South Africa and Ireland. It’s so cool to be with a mixture of people from around the world and knowing their culture.

I’m beginning to see a bright future with the skills and talents I have learnt and gained whilst being here and I’ve still got 8 months to go. Not only does this experience mature you but it sets out the start of your career. You meet so many amazing people along the way of you’re journey.

It’s so nice when members start to recognise you and you develop a close bond with them. You remember what they like to drink on certain nights. Especially wine and dine, complimentary wine is their favourite night haha.

So.. an average day at St. Andrews will start from 10am. We make sure the restaurant is clean and presentable for the members and for their lunch. At lunch times they like to have a quick lunch and then get back to their activities such as golf or tennis. At dinner they don’t want to be rushed because that’s when they drink, socialise with their families and listen to the entertainment. Of course there’s a lot more to it but I will do a separate blog explaining all that jazz. The members know what the expectations are and we have to aim higher than that to make them fully satisfied, for example – knowing what drink they have for lunch without them asking – making every possible adjustment to make them comfortable. Knowing what foods they like, making suggestions on the menus when they can’t decided. And make sure that you know the menu to, there’s nothing worse when a members asking you a question about a certain item and you don’t know!

Here’s some photos of the recent event and look how amazing the food looks

Disney world ✨

Being here in America I’m taking every chance I get to explore what this beautiful country has to offer, and one of those is Disneyworld 😍

I can’t even begin to explain how magical this place is and it’s only a 3 hour bus journey, even quicker by train! I’ve well and truly spoiled myself and had the feeling of being a little girl again.

The best part about Disneyworld is definitely the firework display. Can honestly say Disney will be in my heart forever!

If you get the chance to be an American BSG intern catch it with both hands and don’t let it go, explore complete you’re bucket list because for me since I’ve been here I’ve completed so much already ❤️